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Life in their habitat just got crowded! Frustrated with having to look up at herds of giraffes’ knobby knees, the elephants, rhinos, and crocodiles band together to reclaim their overrun habitat from the gangly-legged intruders. Tembo the elephant and Faru the rhino undertake pretty disastrous strategies, but Mamba the crocodile employs a rather simple solution with the help of the most unlikely of allies.


Kenya Make Some Room?! shows how solutions to problems can be found in the most unlikely of places, and we can reach great heights when we work together.

The animals’ names use the Swahili word for the breed  – incorporating a bit of nonfiction into the story.

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The Magic In Me is published by I See Me, in partnership with Crayola, and illustrated by Kamala Nair. This  personalized book is made uniquely for each child with their name, photo, skin tone, hair color, hairstyle, eye color and the option to add glasses or a wheelchair.

Show your child how they fit in to a colorful world and the important part that they play just by being themselves! This personalized book inspires kids to spread kindness and appreciate the beauty of everyone’s differences. It’s a beautiful way for children to learn about diversity and inclusion.

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Although she’s just a little girl, Charlie's big enough to take the lead to track down the runaway gingerbread man who has made a quick getaway from the oven!

This new take on the old classic includes a gingerbread cookie recipe created by Michelle Gayer, a five-time nominee for the highest food industry honor, the James Beard Award.

In Search of the Sandman Front Cover.png

Charlie is a spirited little girl who wants to play all night rather than go to sleep - that’s until Mommy piques her curiosity with the magical tale of the Sandman.


The Magic in Me

My three year old granddaughter is becoming aware of the differences in the world, and I want her to be accepting and loving of everyone... this is to teach her to be openminded to her surroundings, to understand that we are all different, yet we are all human, and to know that being different is beautiful always.
Tamara C., very happy customer

In Search of the
Gingerbread Man

I bought this in hopes that it might work for my speech therapy sessions.

It goes well beyond my expectations! The book follows a similar sequence to other gingerbread boy books, but with familiar characters that look as diverse as my kids do! I also love that the gingerbread boy gets a new item of clothing/decoration on each page. Bonus: no one gets eaten at the end!

Kelsey Brown, speech pathologist and very happy customer

In Search of the Sandman

This book deserves a place in every bedtime routine. In Search of the Sandman delivers on its promise and helps our little ones to close their eyes and welcome sleep.

Anonymous Judge,

2018 Midwest Book Awards



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About the Author/Illustrator

I'm a hybrid picture book author, digital collage illustrator, and publisher of books that highlight and celebrate the everyday lives of Black children. Like mirrors and windows, it’s important for culturally diverse children to see themselves reflected in the pages of books and for others to see into the experiences of others unlike themselves.


My digital collage illustration style is influenced by the work of Ezra Jack Keats (whose books I grew up reading), Christian Robinson, and Vanessa Brantley-Newton for how they incorporate bright colors, fun patterns, and rich texture into collage art.

In 2022, In Search of the Gingerbread Man was included in the “Stars of the North Storytime” exhibit at the Mpls/St Paul International airport.


I'm a 2018 & 2021 award recipient of the McKnight Foundation funded Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Next Step Fund grant in support of my work as a children's book author/illustrator.

Beyond children’s literature, I have created community artwork for the Black Lives Matter street mural and Metro Transit buses and shelters in Minneapolis; and produced a virtual story time video series for the Ramsey County Library.


In 2020, I was included in the list of 10 of Minneapolis’ Most Innovative Black Entrepreneurs and Makers by Meet Minneapolis.

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